Working with individuals and organizations seeking to elevate their career.

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Working with individuals and organizations seeking to elevate their career.

About Our Program

Increase your income without adding to your workload, so that you can take the guesswork out of how much revenue you’ll have for the month.

How would you feel if you were making money during the slowest months, taking the guesswork out of how to survive during the rough months.

  • Make money even during the slowest months, so enjoy the days off 

  • Gain confidence about increasing your prices without having to run for cover that all your clients will leave you  

  • Get clarity on how much you should charge and why, so you can feel confident charging for it

  • Release the fear around increasing your price, without feeling like all your clients will leave you

  • Learn how to strategically market your business, without posting aimlessly on IG in the hope that it will bring in new clients

  • Letting go of services you hate, so that you can focus on the services you can deliver with ease so you can fall in love with your business again.

We Have A Free Private Community 

A Community of other Beauty Professionals just like you. Together We Are Stronger

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you run your business and not let it run you.  Step into a CEO entrepreneurial game, and create the FINANCIAL FREEDOM for yourself. I am dedicated to helping Black Beauty Professionals get off the struggle bus and build an established business, restructure how they charge for services, build a system of continuous cash flow, work less and increase their income by following my developed blueprint through my signature program Charge Your Worth Academy™.

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Students Success Stories

Before taking this program I had not increased my prices in 5 years. I was too afraid to raise my prices  because there was a fear of losing clients.  After implementing the strategies taught by Angelica OMG my income increased dramatically. She provided me with the tools & templates to help me increase my prices with ease.  I was now able to eliminate clients that no longer enjoyed servicing

Dominique T.

I was a traveling braider, mother of two kids and never had time for a family. I was really tired of traveling but most of all I was barely making any money. After Angelica coaching I was able to increase my prices and  My income doubled. I stopped traveling and found the 

perfect balance between work and pleasure

Ally M.

Angelica saved me from going down the rat race hole that most stylists go down. 

After being in Charge Your Worth Academy™ I was no longer wondering how much I was going to make each month. I didn’t have a lot of clients but I was now able to make more money with the clients I had. Boy did it to relieve the stress. This program was the best investment.

Patricia B.